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products_services Reliable products and services
Honeywell Aviaso exclusively produces software for the aviation industry. Our products and services are used by more than 10'000 aviation professionals - every day - 365 days a year. The products include: Fuel Efficiency, EU-ETS, and Airline Portal. The services include: Hosting and System Integration.
it_avi_passion Deep IT know-how and passion for aviation
Our employees have extensive knowledge in IT and have completed numerous software projects in various areas. But that’s not all. We have also worked in the aviation industry in flight operations, crew planning, business development and even as active airline pilots. Aviation is not just a business for us - it is our passion.
customer_focus Customer focus
The only way to make great products is to know what our customers really need. This was one of the biggest success factors for our products so far - and we will continue this way. As a customer, you expect that we "speak your language" and quickly respond to your requests. Interested to ask an existing customer about us?
cost_savings Cost savings
Honeywell Aviaso products mean significant cost savings for our customers. Savings come on the one side from higher efficiency in the airline-operations. On the other side our products lead to substantial savings on the IT-costs (lower license-costs, lower deployment- and training-costs, and lower maintenance- and operating-costs).
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